Mission and vision


Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Dentistry, educating entrepreneurial and innovative competent dentists and specialists who meet the oral and dental health needs and expectations of the society based on preventive dentistry, who are equipped with professional ethical values, and who prefer to use the era, is committed to conducting qualified researches that contribute to science at a universal level, and to provide quality and competitive oral and dental health services.



To be a nationally and internationally recognized, preferred education, research and health institution.


Our Objectives

The aim of our faculty, which is an education and research institution, is to train our students as modern dentists who know all the innovations, know how to learn and access information, prioritize preventive and preventive treatments, adhere to human and professional ethical values, and provide high quality and effective oral and to provide dental health service.


Our values

• Commitment to purpose and mission

•Academic freedom and autonomy

• Commitment to ethical and academic values

• To have institutional belonging

• Merit

• Honesty, transparency and impartiality

• Responsibility and accountability

• Compliance with service standards

• Awareness of public service in the fulfillment of the task

• Keeping the preventive and preventive treatment in the foreground

• Non-discrimination and respect for others

•Respect for people, nature and the environment

• Innovation

• Participation

• Quality and perfectionism

• Reliability